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A Miami Based Digital Label operated by the people behind Liquid Inc devoted to explore the immense variety and variations of the ever popular genre of DEEP House.

Deep is the partnership of Grumpy (LQD), Liquid Inc's head honcho, along with Castor Troy who joined forces to be able to contribute, develop, produce and promote young up-and-comers from all walks of life who are as passionate being a part of the evolution of this invigorated movement of DEEP HOUSE!
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Paul und Smith - Disobey
Genre: Deep House,
Release Date: Jan 28 2014

1 Paul und Smith - Disobey (Original Mix)
2 Paul und Smith - Take Me Up (Original Mix)

Supports by (No Particular Order) Marco Carola, Markus Wessen, Martin Garcia, Anderson Noise, Derek Howell, Franco Bianco, Chris Fortier, Sasha Le Monnier, Edgar De Ramon, Anna Maria X, Eike Voigt, Super Flu, East Cafe, Wender A., Fernando Ferreyra, My Favorite Robot, Jesus Soblechero, Oliver Schories, Behrouz, dPen, and many more. For Complete Support List, click here.

  Release Info:

Our next release is a debut by Paul Und Smith, a French duo currently based in Berlin. The single, entitled 'Disobey' caught our attention immediately, both cuts Deep House in nature are flawlessly well produced and arranged making it a no brainer when deciding on what to take on for the winter Release lineup of 2014.

Paul ind Smith are long time friends Romuald Czich & Sebastien Marchand both performers in their native france since the early 90's, decided to move together to berlin in pursuit of perfecting their kraft by collaborating together and after seeing the compatibility being one very productive and promising, they decided to make it a more permanent partnership which lead to the formation of this relatively new and highly talented project 'Paul und Smith'

Mastering Service performed by
Liquid Studios
Cover Art by
Liquid Designs

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